Obesity And Male Fertility

New studies out show that obese men may be at greater risk for infertility than men of normal weight.

How big is a problem is? Let’s start with that. Well, this seems like it is going to be a very big problem for us and it’s getting worse. We know that there is certainly an epidemic of obesity, that’s a global problem and about a third of adult now are considered obese. Parallel to that, there’s been an increase in male infertility. And the rate of male infertility seems to be going up and up along with the increase in obesity.

How far back did the red flag go up, when you could link obesity with infertility? It’s gone back quite a ways, you know, we certainly clinically see more men that are overweight, that do have more difficulty achieving pregnancy, and we have known scientifically why some of those reasons are for some time, but we are learning more and more about it now.

The most recent study that’s came out as a meta-analysis that actually looks at data from 14 different studies, that covers almost 10,000 men. And we see a man that are normal weight have more normal semen parameters and more normal sperm counts compared to the ones that are overweight. In fact, the ones that are overweight, the percentage of men that have normal semen parameters really goes down quite a bit, it goes from about a quarter of men that have low sperm counts in the normal weighted men, up to about a third of men, when they’re considered obese. The number of men that had no sperm in their semen whatsoever, the percentage of men goes up from about 2.6 percent to almost 7 percent. So that is a massive increase. That seems to be strongly associated with their weight.

We certainly do encourage men to try to get more fit, to burn their body mass. We believe there are a few different mechanisms, that are affecting their fertility, when they are obese. We know, that there are protein and fat cells that turn a man’s testosterone into estrogen. And it’s normal for men to have a certain level of estrogen, but as you put on more fat cells, you produce more estrogen, and that testosterone to estrogen ratio decreases. And we know that this afters fertility. Pills may help

Also when you put on more fat cells in the lower pelvis, in the scrotal area, that may increase temperature around the testicles and that’s also bad for sperm production. Testicles are located basically outside of the body because sperm is produced best at about 2-4 degree cooler temperature, than the core body temperature. So that temperature change can affect sperm production as well.

Fertility is a very big motivator. Couples that want to build a family are very motivated to do what it takes, and they certainly are proactive in getting a healthier diet, low-fat, low-cholesterol diet, and adding cardiovascular exercising. And that’s a great first step.

Erectile Dysfunction – Do Something About It


In this article we want to talk about erectile dysfunction and the story that I hear from many many men, and I’d like to know if this is your story also. I want you to know that you are not alone and there’s definitely things you can do about it.

Let’s take a look at the story. Now this is the story of about eighty percent of the men that call me. The question I have to you is how close does this describe you? This problem has been going on anywhere from a year to 10 years. Not uncommon to get calls for 10 years of ED problems. And as we talked, you guys also talked about having diabetes and high blood pressure. Sometimes high cholesterol also. Both of these are usually controlled with medication. And if they have had diabetes and high blood pressure for a longer period of time, they say that their mid dosages have been slowly increasing over time. Possible yours also. And the first thing I tell them is that about fifty percent of the men with diabetes have ID issues. And the longer they have had diabetes, the greater the odds of having erectile dysfunction. Now if this is your story and I want you to know that healing the lining of your blood vessels is the answer you have been looking for. The longer you’ve had diabetes, the longer you’ve had high blood pressure, the greater the damage to the lining of your blood vessels. But this can be healed. And it’s not that difficult.

Now the process is called nitric oxide therapy. It’s a way to heal the lining of your blood vessels.  There’s a lot to go into the theory behind nitric oxide therapy, but the use of it is pretty simple.

A very surprising statistic that I was shocked about. There was a South African study that in their country was showing that over fifty percent of the men had some level of erectile dysfunction. I’m in the US, I don’t think that number is quite as high, it’s probably around 30 million. But 30 million, fifty percent that’s a lot of guys. But here’s the shocking stat. Quick to their study, only twenty percent of the men with ED seek treatment. That means eighty percent of the guys are not doing anything about it and certainly not seeking medical treatment. And even the ones that seek treatment when they have a prescription in their hand, many of them don’t even get it filled because of being embarrassed.

Erectile dysfunction is a symptom of something else going on in your body, usually some type of cardiovascular issue that has restricted blood flow. There’s damage to the lining of your arteries, and your veins, your blood vessels. And because of this damage to your arteries and veins you have restricted blood flow, and because of restricted blood flow you have erectile dysfunction.

It’s not something necessarily to be ashamed of; it’s a medical condition. It’s also a warning sign that there is something going on, there is something wrong in the cardiovascular system, in the arteries and veins. Men with diabetes have a fifty percent chance of having ED. So if you have ED and diabetes, you’re not alone, it’s just a natural consequence of the damage to your cardiovascular system, to the lining of your arteries and your veins. You can do something to reverse that damage to the lining of your arteries and your veins. But you can’t do anything if you don’t seek help.

One of the best ways I know of to treat the damage to your arteries and veins, your cardiovascular system is something called nitric oxide therapy. Very simple to do, very simple to use, a powder you take a couple of times a day. It helps lower blood pressure, helps lower cholesterol, helps with complications of diabetes, and as a consequence helps with erectile dysfunction.

Link Between Birth Control Pills And Female Libido

I this article I am going to talk about the link of between birth control use and depression. There have been done the huge study. In the country of Denmark, there are six million people, one million actually, one huge million numbers of women were followed in a national registry. So they started at baseline women who had never used depression medications, and they then divided the population those who were on birth control pills and those were not on birth control pills. And arguably you would say okay, people on birth control pills, yeah, they have freedom; they can choose their sexual function whenever they want, not be worried about the consequences of getting pregnant.  But what was outstanding and horrible was that there is a strong statistical significance of those women on birth control pills, huge numbers of them were followed and found to be requiring psychiatric medication, the antidepressant medication. It is horrible.

What is my hypothesis on that? If you can’t make a psychologic basis work, but I can tell you one hundred percent of users, and there’s an awful lot of users, seventy million users on the planet, they use birth control pills. The protein in the liver is made that binds the testosterone of a woman, so that testosterone is not available to that woman. So essentially all users have low testosterone. Forever? While they are on the pill.

Sometimes even though they stop the pills, they still have low testosterone. Doesn’t it matter what age they are? Well, this study was 15 to 34 and then followed them for 13 years, so that is essentially the lives of women reprieve menopausal.

Ok, let’s say what you would do instead? So LARCs, long-acting reversible contraception. The American College of Pediatrics has stopped recommending birth control pills, American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology has stopped recommending birth controls. So long active reversible contraception they don’t affect the liver, they don’t lower your testosterone.

Birth control pill, ring, patch are really evil drugs. So there are other options, and these are all things that you can get at Planned Parenthood if you don’t have the money, go to your regular doctor. That really important.

Sexual Dysfunction from Antidepressants

There are a number of behavioral options. Let’s say you’re talking to a patient that has low sexual desire. We actually know that having your patient attempt sexual activity a few times a week can increase her sexual desire. So you’re talking to a patient who’s having difficulty with sexual arousal, we know that one study showed that exercising moderately, intense exercise three times a week, preferably right before sexual activity, actually increases that sexual arousal. Patients are having orgasmic difficulties recommending a vibrator. And then finally there are some other options like nutraceuticals, like Saffron, Maca root, or acupuncture. The bottom line, there are a number of different behavioral interventions, other interventions, pharmacological interventions you can share with your patients if they’re experiencing sexual side effects. This is very treatable.

Pros and Cons of Male Stamina Improvement

Do you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of male stamina improvement? If you do, read on. Here we will talk about it, particularly about male enhancement supplements.

About these products

Generally, pills for male enhancement, as well as supplements, are categorized into 2 classes. They are the organic(Vig Rx Plus) and the chemical based or synthetic male enhancement products.

The organic male stamina improvement products like Vig Rx Plus use natural herbal extracts. On the other hand, the chemical based or synthetic pills and supplements use synthetic materials, which may abnormally alter the processes of your body. These drugs are a product specifically designed to enhance men’s sexual performance, improve male stamina or provide a solution to some male sexual problems, including impotence, premature ejaculation, low sexual endurance, low strength and other related conditions. Read Vig Rx Plus review

Some males take enhancement tablets on a regular basis in order to get bigger manhood. Some others use these products just to enhance their sexual stamina, endurance, and appetite in bed. And of course, it is critical to learn about the pros and cons of using these male endurance improvement products. It will help you evade any risk of harming your health to possible side effects, which may result from using the bad quality products.

Pros and cons

Male enhancement pills and other related supplements have their own pros and cons, depending on who made them and what kind of ingredients are used on it. However, in general, a lot of natural male improvement tablets, as well as supplements, have little to no side effects since the organic erection products are made from the non-synthetic herbal extract which significantly reduces your exposure to various side effects which can be posed by their synthetic counterparts used to treat a number of sex-related problems.

Since the organic male stamina improvement pills are made of natural components, there is relatively zero health risk as compared to the chemical based or synthetic products for penis enlargement. There is a downside, however. The organic tablets take the time to work. Yes, they do not work as fast as the synthetic ones. The synthetic pill can work quickly because it’s altered to directly target the body system which requires reconditioning. You need to practice caution here. When you use synthetic products, there is a significant possibility that your body will react negatively to it.

It is the reason why health experts recommend users to talk to their doctors first prior to taking these types of medicines compared to using the over the counter natural male erection herbs which you can buy at your local drugstore with no prescription required.

In short, the pros of male strength recovery are that they actually work. Both for the organic and the synthetic. The cons are different. The cons of the organic one are that it takes the time to work while the cons of the synthetic one are that it may come with side effects.

Penis Enlargement Device Usage Instruction

Penis extender

As with many products for penis enhancement, penis device such as extenders and pumps work by pure science. You already know that weightlifting is sufficient for your muscles. They are ruined, repaired and returned, a lot large than before. The same principle uses an extender. The stretching device tends to come with comfort points, and they can be set with various sizes of penis. All you need to do is to find a stretching point. This is from where you can stretch your penis to the degree that doesn’t cause discomfort ot pain.

You have to carefully choose the penis stretching device for yourself. The price is different and depends on the manufacturer. The most popular devices for penis growth are rated at top10penisextenders.com

Penis extender uses a traction method to increase the size. Traction is a process which helps to avoid surgery and get the desired result. To put it simply, cells divide under the pressure which the extender device give to them. With time, these gaps will cause cells duplication, leading to an increase in length and width.

As we have mentioned earlier, this is similar to the regular process of muscle development that many men went through. While the penis, strictly speaking, is not a muscle, but the same things happen to it. Indeed, a lot of cells are created, and as a result, your manhood increases in length.

The second way extender works to increase penis size is by leaning on the heat. When you add some weak heat to your member, the enlargement results will come sooner.

Penis pump

Although penis pump looks and appears uncomfortable, it is known that they can bring good results. You should put the device on your member. After that, the pumping starts. After you pump the air out of the tube where your manhood put in, a vacuum is then created. It begins to push blood to your penis shaft, resulting in an erection.

When you use the pump only one time, you won’t enlarge your penis. Indeed. If you use a penis pump regularly, then you soon will see positive results because your manhood will keep more blood. Remember, the more blood penis has, the bigger the erection will be.

Studies have shown that exercise is useful for a member just like for any other part of your body.  That’s correct, it adjusts. Penis will start to change, so it will enlarge to keep more blood. This, over time, results in increased penis size.

Although durable use will increase your chances to get permanent size gain, do not overdo it. Overdoing it, as with any other exercise, will bring harm than good.